No Logo Still LIfe / Undique

These still life paintings, a third stage (an offshoot) of the paperbag sculptures from the exhibition, No Logo, are loosely presented in a form of still life. These works painted from life, naturally allows shift of focus and varied viewpoints (unlike working from photographs), creating an illusion that the inanimate object maybe in motion whereby the subject object relationship gets blurred. By defying the borders/boundaries the rectangular and square format papers and canvases expect to frame our image, the subject as an object almost seems to float alone, specially at a certain distance; I imagined objects to be more mobile, therefor can have lived, traveled, and had experiences that the paintings hanging on the walls generally do not. Also these objects, as they are constructed by me, share a particular relationship with me unlike other objects I can find, so in a sense, they are portraits of my hand-made creatures.


This series is a continuation of my commitment to leveling things we separate, in this case, inanimate objects to what we think of as alive, that all matters we perceive (and beyond) share the same elementary particles, only in different configurations.

Paraphrasing what Neils Bohr famously stated, what we think of reality is made of things that we cannot say are real.