Untitled (Semblance Of  A Functioning Democracy)

Untitled (Semblance Of A Functioning Democracy)

This sculpture is perhaps relatable to most people in some way, the notion of our support system being crooked, unstable and unreliable; it was conceived as a result of the last presidential election, November 11, 2016 (the year that America lost its mind and shocked the world). The handles, underarm rest, and the feet are in Democrat Blue. The construction of the pair finished in 2018, built from actual crutches involving no welding or casting, (the first 4 pairs cut for tests were a personal collection from my years of accidents). Daily discovery of How much lawlessness is permitted by our laws in our “democratic” system for the privileged few, and the fact that even free press is under attack for the past two years, somewhat mimics the instability suggested in these crutches; I still remain an optimist in believing that there is hope, as long as we the people stays informed and take action, as long as we the majority believe in each of our own power, not waiting for any side of our government to save us; it just may take a little time.